Sea Mosquito – Fire, Magic & Venom – Epic Unorthodox Black Metal via Onism Productions

Sea Mosquito, the enigmatic explorers of black metal’s furthest reaches and forgotten places, return with another release that will toy

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Grey Aura – Zwart Vierkant Expansive Atmospheric/Post Black Metal – Onism Productions

“Come now and grab him while you can. Because tomorrow everything will be gone.” – The Untold Temptation Of Collapsing Virtue

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Thermohaline unleash the nautical dementia of Maelström through Onism Productions on March 26th – a new vision for black metal

Leagues from land, where the horizons are endless and the delineations of man are meaningless, there are different kingdoms –

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Druon Antigon: “Desontstijging” – an album of stunning, cosmic black metal that explores the hinterlands of the genre – Onism Productions

“Observe ye everything that takes place in the heaven, how they do not change their orbits, and the luminaries which

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Epitimia – Allusion – Russian atmospheric post black – Onism Productions

Dislocated from human society you wander, ghost like, on the fringes of existence, in the hinterlands, the in between spaces.

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Misertus – Daydream / Coil / Outland – Immersive Post Black Metal Trilogy – Onism Productions

With the walls of sadness and desperation closing in around us, our limbs heavy in the chains of loss, there

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Onism Productions present the new album from mysterious atmospheric black metal/dungeon synth entity Lord Orots

In one night we can cross continents, wander through time, grow old, grow young, love, die, remember and forget. Broken

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Amherawdr (UK): “Adorned With the Figures of Snakes” – Atmospheric Black Metal on Onism Productions – Out Now

Amherawdr formed in Devon with the intention of writing heartfelt black metal music inspired by the bleak romance and mysticism

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