FORTRESS – Don’t Spare The Wicked – High Roller Records

FORTRESS from Whittier in California started in early 2016 after lead guitarist Fili Bibiano‘s old band Auxilery had disbanded. Chris

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THE RODS – The Rods (Re-Release) – High Roller Records

Heralded by a five-star review in UK music paper “Sounds” in September 1981 (“I honestly can’t remember the last time

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THE RODS – Rock Hard (Re-Release) – High Roller Records

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, THE RODS’ self-titled debut album for Arista Records arrived in the shops in 1981 like

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WITCHFYNDE – Give ‘em Hell (Re-Release) High Roller Records

WITCHFYNDE – “Give ‘em Hell” – The Ultimate Deluxe Edition! Up until a few years ago (and the release of

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SCALD – Will Of The Gods Is Great Power – High Roller Records

»Will Of The Gods Is Great Power« by SCALD from Yarsoslavl in Russia has over the decades become a true

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RAZOR – Escape The Fire – High Roller Records

After Canadian thrash metal legends RAZOR had released their self-financed debut EP »Armed And Dangerous« in 1984, they were surprised

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ANGEL DUST – “Into The Dark Past” (Re-Release) – High Roller Records

As veritable classics of German 1980s metal, ANGEL DUST’s first two albums have remained in high demand and were re-issued

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THE OBSESSED – Lunar Womb (Re-Release) – High Roller Records

THE OBSESSED were actually founded by Scott “Wino” Weinrich (guitar and vocals) in the year 1980 in Washington D.C. However,

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WITCH CROSS – Angel of Death – High Roller Records

Along with the legendary Mercyful Fate and some considerably more obscure acts such as Alien Force, Randy and Crystal Knight,

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