Ereb Altor’s new album Vargtimman coming soon

Ereb Altor Vargtimman Hammerheart Records 14 January 2022 In the age of the Wolf Ereb Altor leads the way. Powerful

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TROUBLE – One For The Road / Unplugged – Hammerheart Records

The collectable 1994 EP for the first time on vinyl or as deluxe 2CD combining including the full album version

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Phlebotomized: “Pain, Resistance, Suffering” – Petrichor

Legends Phlebotomized return with songwriting originality and mesmerizing musicianship blended together in melodic Death Metal with hints of brutality! Phlebotomized

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Trouble – The Skull – Hammerheart Records – Trouble’s second album from 1985 is a cornerstone of Doom Metal

Trouble’s second album “The Skull” is not a sophomore slump, it is the shedding of dead skin. In fact, the

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Godsend: “In The Electric Mist” – Highly acclaimed Doom Metal follow up remastered – Petrichor

I doubt that in the 90’s, there was a way to avoid the ever present genius of Dan Swanö. Godsend

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Wehrmacht: “Biermächt” – Hammerheart Records 26 February 2021

Alcohol infused Crossover Thrash, finally available again! The second album from Wehrmacht, “Biermächt” saw the band maturing while still retaining

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Wehrmacht: “Shark Attack” – Hammerheart Records 26 February 2021

Crossover Thrash masterpiece, finally available again! A question popular among followers of Thrash Metal is undeniably this, “Which is considered

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