TOWER – Shock To The System – Cruz Del Sur Music

Ten songs of high-energy, classic metal with ’70s rock attitude from the streets of New York City! On their first

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HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE – The Bastard (Re-Release) – Cruz Del Sur Music

Vinyl re-release of an underground classic that set the standard for genre-defying, forward-thinking metal! Twenty years after its original release,

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PALE DIVINE – Cemetery Earth (Re-Release) – Cruz Del Sur Music

By 2007, PALE DIVINE had released two full-lengths, 2001’s “Thunder Perfect Mind” and 2004’s “Eternity Revealed”. While both were well-received

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ORODRUIN – Epicurean Mass Upcoming Re-Release via Cruz Del Sur Music

ORODRUIN’s 2003 “Epicurean Mass” debut was a harbinger of things to come. So formidable that it took the band 16

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WHEEL – Preserved In Time – Cruz Del Sur Music

True, epic doom of the highest order in the vein of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Trouble! On their first studio

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ADAMANTIS: “Far Flung Realm” – 11 songs of classic, European-inspired Epic Power Metal – Cruz Del Sur Music

The re-release of ADAMANTIS’ universally hailed “Far Flung Realm” debut – a timeless, majestic mix of power metal for fans

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CORONARY – SINBAD – Classic, untamed heavy metal from Finland on Cruz Del Sur Music

On “Sinbad“, their first full-length album, Finland’s CORONARY assumes the mantle as one of their country’s finest representations of pure,

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OLD MOTHER HELL – Lord Of Demise – Cruz Del Sur Music

Emerging German power trio returns with eight songs of true, authentic, trend-proof metal! On the follow-up to their lauded 2017

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WHITE MAGICIAN – Dealers Of Divinity – Classic, mystical metal and ’70 rock – Cruz Del Sur Music

Classic, mystical metal with a high dosage of ’70s rock influences and unparalleled guitar work! On their first LP, “Dealers

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