THE CATECHISTS – Annunciano il nuovo album “Faded Away… Rust And Strings”

Svelato il singolo ‘The Song Of Revenge’ Pre-ordini ora disponibili QUI La band THE CATECHISTS è lieta di annunciare il nuovo EP “Faded Away…

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Burntfield unveil their stunning second album of emotionally charged, melodic prog rock on Progressive Gears Records

Three years on from their highly praised debut album, Hereafter, Amsterdam’s Burntfield have returned with the next chapter in their

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MEMORIA AVENUE Announce Debut Album Self-Titled Release Due November 5, 2021

Memoria Avenue is a new Melodic Rock/AOR band from Norway showcasing an artistic union between guitarist Tor Talle and the

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TOWER – Shock To The System – Cruz Del Sur Music

Ten songs of high-energy, classic metal with ’70s rock attitude from the streets of New York City! On their first

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FORTRESS – Don’t Spare The Wicked – High Roller Records

FORTRESS from Whittier in California started in early 2016 after lead guitarist Fili Bibiano‘s old band Auxilery had disbanded. Chris

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BLOOD SPORT – Hot Blood & Cold Steel – Gates Of Hell Records

Unrelenting, brash speed metal from the dark, icy climes of Finland! A six-song EP from one of Scandinavia’s brashest new

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THE RODS – The Rods (Re-Release) – High Roller Records

Heralded by a five-star review in UK music paper “Sounds” in September 1981 (“I honestly can’t remember the last time

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EZRA BROOKS / SERPENT RIDER – Visions Of Esoteric Splendor – No Remorse Records

EZRA BROOKS and SERPENT RIDER will start working on their debut full-length albums that will be released by No Remorse

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