MOTHER OF ALL ft. Steve Di Giorgio shares dual-video medley “CURATORS”

Danish one-man prog/melodeath unit Mother of All has teamed up with composer Andreas Hald (who has worked on Emmy and Bafta-nominated projects) and the unique visual artist Lichtgedärm to create a twofold audio-visual medley “CURATORS.” The audio-visual piece “Replicators” appears first, and it is followed by the single “Curators of Our World Scope” from the band’s upcoming album, Age of the Solipsist. Comes June 11th via Black Lion Records, this debut full-length features legendary bassist Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, ex-Death) and rising Danish guitarist Frederik Jensen.

The medley “CURATORS” deals with the domination and control that algorithms and electronic devices have over our consciousness. To convey this eclipsing and mind-altering aspect of modern life, the Mother of All architect Martin Haumann alongside Andreas and Lichtgedärm, created an aggressive, uncompromising interpretation of the modern predicament of having your view of the world curated by giant tech platforms. Both videos are supported by “Kodas kulturelle midler” and “DPA.”

Martin Haumann has this to say:
“The first song, ‘Replicators,’ is a very cinematic piece by Andreas Hald. He perfectly captures the vibe of ‘Curators of Our World Scope’ and how algorithms operate and also the mind-numbing experience of dealing with social media, click-bait media and political propaganda. Tobias of ‘Lichtgedärm A/V’ managed to create truly disturbing, claustrophobic, and dystopian imagery. We wanted to have their personal artistic styles shine through, so I gave them artistic freedom within reason, to make an original contribution.

“For the second song, I’m joined by fretless bass legend Steve Di Giorgio (ex-Death, Testament, Sadus) and guitarist Frederik Jensen. I had to create a totally different rhythmic approach to capture the information-dense lyrical themes.

“The two pieces are about technology, but the scary thing is how much technology is mimicking biological processes. Like an efficient, corporate mind virus.”

Premiered at Invisible Oranges (Watch + Read Full Feature HERE), both videos are currently available on YouTube, and the track “Curators of Our World Scope” will be available on all digital/streaming platforms this Friday, May 21st.

CD and Digital pre-orders of the album are live RIGHT HERE on Bandcamp.

Formed in 2013, Mother of All is the brainchild of Martin Haumann, an in-demand and highly prolific musician who has previously performed worldwide as the drummer of Myrkur, Afsky, and many others. Incorporating melodic and progressive elements into death metal, Mother of All creates songs that are varied and eclectic in nature. Always exploring the art form, the one-person-led tech death unit substantially draws inspiration from the deep cauldron that is metal.

Mother of All’s first full-length album, Age of the Solipsist, is a collaborative effort bringing together some of the world’s great metal musicians and artists. The album features blinding bass work by the iconic Steve Di Giorgio and extremely well-played guitar riffs by the rising Danish talent Frederik Jensen, in addition to Haumann’s organic, riveting drumming and sharp, precise vocal deliveries. With a diverse collection of songs, the album tackles existential themes in our current age.

Age of the Solipsist is produced, mixed, and mastered by Hannes Grossmann (Hate Eternal, Alkaloid, ex-Obscura, Necrophagist) at Mordor Sounds and adorned with the cover artwork by the acclaimed Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, A7X, King Diamond).

Martin Haumann with film composer Andreas Hald

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