OLÓRIN – Through Shadow and Flame – Rafchild Records 29.06.2021 (CD – LP)

On their long-awaited debut, Lord of the Rings worshipping American doom metal outfit OLÓRIN delivers the epic soundtrack to Gandalf the Grey’s battle with the fire demon dwelling in the mines of Moria. Weaving haunting and serpentine dual guitar melodies with thunderous drumming and stentorian wails, “Through Shadow and Flame” calls to mind the arcane doom metal of bands like Hour of 13, Pentagram, and Wheel. Coming soon via Rafchild Records (home to Purification, Kramp and Wotan) on CD, cassette and vinyl.

OLÓRIN – named for the initial moniker of Gandalf the Grey – formed in 2009 in Washington, Illinois. Following the release of a demo, live album and two EPs, the band’s lineup and sound have cemented. Featuring vocalist Clay Sibley, guitarist Michael Schmidt (White Stallion), guitarist Collin Wolf (Smoulder & Fer de Lance), drummer Kevin Hester (Smoulder), and bassist Ryan Donoho, the quintet are a perfect candidate for the circle of true doom: doom played low, slow, and true.

Recorded between winter 2019 and winter 2020 by Tucker Thomasson at Shadowfax Studios and The Wolf’s Lair and by Vincent Ippolito at Swift Road Studios in Arlington Heights IL. Mixed and Mastered by Tucker Thomasson. Cover painting by Chris Murphey.


1. Black Chasm
2. Descension
3. Ringwe
4. The Endless Stair
5. Durin’s Tower
6. Mornië
7. The White Rider
(playing time: 45:29 min.)

Ryan Donoho – Bass
Kevin Hester – Drums, Keyboards
Michael Schmidt – Guitars
Collin Wolf – Guitars
Clay Sibley – Vocals

Olórin – Demo (2011)
Live at Ragnarokkr (2013)
Lords of Arda – EP (2014)
The Wretched – EP (2019)





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