Sküllfükk Satänik Slüts – Uncut Speed – Corrupted Flesh Records

Finally it is available! The debut demo tape by beer-krazed püssy magnets “Sküllfükk Satänik Slüts“. The release that two booze-fueled street bums in Tartu and Vödkamizer’s parole officer have desperately been waiting for! Get yours before your money is all spent on drugs and booze again!

Formed in the desolate Estonian alkopokalyptik wasteland of 20XX, filthounds Vödkamizer and Motörbreath joined forces in a drunken delirium to fight off their insatiable thirst for speed metal by becoming the self-proclaimed fastest band in Tartu. They quickly recruited Beerhämmer to pound some skin, as well as play some drums. Vowed to get some gash and krüsh some beers by playing sex and booze fueled powerhouse püssy magnet speed metal known as BDSM (Black/Death/Speed Metal), worshipping the metal godz of Venom, Motorhead, Sabbat, Shitfuckers, Abigail, Barbatos and Tank, taking their chances with raw energy and no compromise.
These rambunctious dipsomaniacs have recorded 7 original tracks for their demo “Uncut Speed” which is now to be released on pro-tape via Corrupted Flesh Records. The tracks are fast, loud and thrashing, focusing mostly on raw rock and roll sex appeal, fantastical realms and large consumption of alcohol. Songs about  sex-crazed black magic jezebels in league with satan, slüt fükking and bööze chugging, as well as a tracking featuring guest vocals by Vincent of the Estonian black metal bands Pime and Kõdu.
Currently they are working on a split album featuring 2 brand new tracks as well as writing material for a full length release. Get ready to be sensually fucked in the ears until they cum.

Guitar – Vödkamizer
Bass/Vox – Motörbreath
Drums – Beerhämmer


Exclusively available through the Corrupted Flesh Label Store:



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