Belgian Heavy Metal Band WarDogs released their first lyric video

On the 4th of January 2020, the Belgian Heavy Metal Band WarDogs released their first of three newly recorded singles on their YouTube Channel. For the this first track, Patrick Bateman, the band created a good-looking Lyric Video with a healthy dose of levity:


This groove laden song is heavily influenced by the 2000 movie AMERICAN PSYCHO which shines through in the lyrical content and the imagery being used.

WarDogs about this song:  “Metal music is a great tool for expressing a lot of things. For example, your frustration with the deceitful politicians of the world or to tell the story of some epic Viking battle.  But you know, sometimes …  you just want to write a song about your favorite movie! So that’s what we did”.

WarDogs is mostly inspired by many old-school Heavy Metal bands and brings a varied mix of genres that appeals to Metal Veterans and newcomers alike!

Discover WarDogs on their official YouTube page:

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