PULSE: Sign With Wormholedeath And Announce Debut Album “ImPulse”

Coming off a well-deserved break after the dissolution of the band Nosense (RIP), 2 of its former members get together and decide to form PULSE. With more energy, maturity and musical experience, Carlos Belmont and Carlos Torres begin to compose their first album “ImPulse”, 7 songs with nostalgic and progressive overtones, that will be released on 02 04 2021 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

Band Statement:
“We’re so happy about this achievement, this was something we have been chasing along the years and now we could complete, to be part of the Wormholedeath Records and be the second latinamerican band to reach this label. After a long year, for the whole world, but for us of constant work and learning, we ended up recording this LP. It was born from the symbolic death of our project, Nosense, where we could meet each other and create. Now Pulse represents the opportunity to keep creating and be able to express in a more focused way what we feel and what we want to be heard. “I’mpulse” is a clear view of it, we could be adventurous in its process from beginning to end, going through all pre and post production details. This album has our main influences along the 8 tracks, impregnated with doom and progressive, but metal as the principal character of this history. This impulse is not a product of a coincidence, this impulse is a product of not being static about what we need to say, that’s why the title of the album: “I’MPulse”, making reference that we take this impulse to creation. We would like to inspire more musicians with this history, to keep creating, to say what needs to be said without fear, fearless about learning new skills, fearless to criticism and fearless to fail. Thanks to Carlo Bellotti and all the WormHoleDeath Records Family for this opportunity.”

1. Forsaker
2. Writer
3. Resistance
4. Depth
5. Lost Distance
6. Pulse
7. Impulse
8. Key (Nosense Cover)


Coming off a well-deserved break after the dissolution of the band Nosense (RIP), 2 of its former members get together and decide to form PULSE. The pandemic, the confinement and the distance are triggers to be able to permeate his music; sadness, melancholy and loneliness  reaching a point of deep and exhausting introspection. The album will be released in early 2021 on all digital platforms. It has 7 songs with nostalgic and progressive overtones, and an extra song that is an improved version of “Key”, a song by the aforementioned band Nosense (RIP). Earlier this year, Pulse welcomes new drummer Khristian Janssen and bassist Daniel García (ex-Nosense) with whom they complete their current lineup. Currently Pulse is dedicated to promoting their album I’MPULSE and continues to work on what will be their next production.




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