MESHEEN: “A Matter of Time” – Sonic Age Records – Cult Metal Classics

MESHEEN is a melodic hard rock/metal band based in Los Angeles. Originally formed by Bobby Tait and Joey Scott, formerly of the band Tyton. Tyton had released an album titled ‘’Mind Over Metal’’ on Enigma/Medusa Records in1987 and had toured in support of the record. After an extensive search, they found vocalist Ted Michael Heath and bassist Nick Aqleh and the band was complete.In 1992, MESHEEN recorded two demos that received great reviews, press and airplay all over Europe and the United States.
After the success of the two demos, MESHEEN were signed to a European record label and set out to record a full-length album titled ‘’A Matter Of Time”. After adding well-known musician, songwriter and producer, Demir Demirkan as the new guitarist, MESHEEN went into the studio to record the self-produced/self-financed album. As with many independent labels, the European label ceased operations before MESHEENs ‘’A Matter Of Time’’ could be released. That coupled with the Seattle grunge movement coming into play, the members of MESHEEN started exploring other musical interests.
Fast forward to early summer 2020 and MESHEEN were contacted by Sonic Age Records/Cult Metal Classics about signing an exclusive record deal. The band had the record re-mastered and artwork created for the CD/LP covers and inside booklets.

1. Fight for the Peace
2. Big Bad City
3. A Matter of Time
4. I’m gonna get to You
5. The Next Generation
6. Bad Reaction
7. I’m on the Way
8. The bigger they Are (The harder they fall)
9. Fool for Believin’
10. Youth-Enasia

Ted Heath – Vocals
Bobby Tait – Drums
Joey Scott – Guitars
Demir Demirkan – Guitars
Nick Aqleh – Bass


Plastic Head (UK & World), Rock Avenue + Rock Stakk (Japan),  High Roller Records (Germany), No Remorse Records + Sonic Age Records (Greece), Lost Realm Records (Portugal)


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