Waxim “Wax” Ulysses Mekanix is an American musician, songwriter, performer, producer, and founding member of American cult rockers Nitro. Wax’s vetted perspective and tested work can best be described as raw, bold, uncompromising, authentic, and disconcerting. “Mobocracy” is Wax’s new release with Philadelphia based record label, Electric Talon Records. 

Out of a radically transformed America comes a statement from a veteran artist that’s of and for its time. A focused collection of strident, aggressive, snarling, howling songs that draws on Wax’s decades of experience and influences. So, why an album now about a convulsing America? “History shows us that artists will not let this kind of tectonic shift in American life pass without comment. I’m just commenting now.” 

“While new artists strive to cultivate vintage connective tissue to fuse themselves with that rare genuine original creative source that defines their craft, by virtue of my history, I’m forever linked to this authentic well-spring of creativity and inspiration. This provenance can’t be synthesized, purchased, or conjured. It has to be earned. Whatever value it carries, I guess I’ve earned it and I’m certainly proud of it.” 

“Mobocracy” is:
1. BLOOD IN MY EYES (4:41)
2. VICTORIOUS (4:51)*
3. ALL FREAKS (2:59)
4. MAD WORLD (4:42)**
5. GHOSTLAND (4:37)
6. BLACK (5:05)***

All songs written by Wax unless indicated.
* Wax Mekanix and Maxim “Lectriq” Laskavy
** Wax Mekanix and John Hazel
***Wax Mekanix, Chris Bishop, and Brandon Yeagley

Produced by:
Wax Mekanix and Maxim “Lectriq” Laskavy (Tracks 1-6)
Mixed by: Machine (Tracks 1-6)
Engineered by: Lectriq (Tracks 1-6), Machine (Tracks 1-6), Pete Tramo (Tracks 1-5), Michael Cumming (Track 2), Jack Cullen (Track 2), John Hazel (Track 4)


Contact: wmekanix@gmail.com
Electric Talon Records Contact: talonrecordsUSA@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WaximMekanix
Twitter: @WaxMekanix
Instagram: @Waxmekanix



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