Melodic death metallers AETHERIAN released “Primordial Woods” features the distinctive vocals of Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ)

Influenced by the beauty of nature, Aetherian’s new single is about the energy and the magic of our world’s ancient forests. There, lie trees older than us and jungles older than humanity itself. And yet we strive to extinguish them. “


The band states of the song:
“These past few years our planet is experiencing a rapid change of the global climate. The extent of fires in Australia, the Amazon rainforest and the Siberian boreal forest, shows us that the worst-case scenario is right on our doorstep. The destruction of wildlife’s natural habitat diminishes biodiversity and is disrupting the balance of every ecosystem. The damage we now cause might as well be irreversible. “Primordial Woods” is a song about our world’s forests. Preserving their magic and passing it over to the next generations is our duty. Let’s not make the same mistakes as those before us did.”

Primordial Woods” was recorded and mixed by Fotis Benardo (ex. Septic Flesh), in Devasoundz studios and mastered by George Nerantzis, while the voice of the mighty Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) is also featured.

ΑΡΧΕΓΟΝΑ ΔΑΣΗ (Greek for “Primordial Woods”)

Currently, AETHERIAN is in the process of creating their second full-length album.

Aetherian are a melodic death metal band from Athens, formed by Angelos Maniatakos (Guitar) and Panos Leakos (Vocals) in 2013. The band started as a studio project, releasing two singles, “Drops of Light” and “Scar of Despair”, and an EP with title “Tales of our Times”. The EP was published by the Polish record label “Goressimo Records” and received very positive feedback from the internet community. At that point Nikos Parotidis (Drums), George Evgeniades (Guitar) and Kostas Mexis (Bass) joined the band. Their next release was a new single alongside a video clip called “The Rain” which drew the attention and in a very short period reaching million views on youtube. Short after, the band was approached by Lifeforce Records and a contract was signed for the release of their latest album ”The Untamed Wilderness”. 

The band participated two times in the Greek tour ”This is Hell” sharing the stage with bands like Vermingod, Karma Violens, Forey Between Ocean and many more. They were also the opening act for Lamp of God, Septic Flesh and Idle Hands. In 2020 Aetherian recorded a new single called “Primordial Woods”.







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