Stone Mammoth: “Stone Mammoth” – Heavy Rock – Stoner Rock – Doom from Finland on Inverse Records

Stone Mammoth is a Finnish Heavy Stoner Rock band formed in 2012 in the city of Seinäjoki. The band is heavily influenced by 70’s heavy and rock music. This album is already recorded in 2014. The album recordings lasted two days, first day being the soundcheck and the second day was recording day.

After so many years the album finally sees the daylight on February 12th 2021 when the album is officially released by Inverse Records on all digital streaming platforms.

Guitarist Timo Vuorela comments:
“The point was to be ready when we go to studio. So we can just play the songs with feeling. And so we did. Everything is organic and natural. Everything is recorded at same take except singing. We didn’t want click-track. We have world class rhythm section and so, the music can flow free. Nothing was doubled in the instruments. Big sound is achieved by our fingers and with our backline. The leading light in recording this album was Black Sabbath’s album Black Sabbath, and it’s recording session. Witch was notorious for it’s length.

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Track list:
01. Mammoth Rising
02. Lock ‘n’ Load
03. Greatest Lover
04. Planet Mammoth
05. Runaway
06. Blind Eye Looking
07. Paralyzed Time
08. Dying Hope
09. Black & Green

Album cover by Timo Vuorela

Listen to “Stone Mammoth” album:
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Stone Mammoth is:
Vocals- Jesse Etelämäki
Guitar- Timo Vuorela
Guitar- Jani Paananen
Bass- Juha Jaskari
Drums- Teemu Alho




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