GATE DOORS: Sign With Wormholedeath And Announce The Release Of “All Our Sins” CD

Madrid based Hard Rock metallers GATE DOORS have signed a deal for the release of their album “All Our Sins” with Wormholedeath.
“All Our Sins” will be out on 19 03 2021
in Digipak format.

About the album:
An album that will delight fans of SYSTEM OF A DOWN or even those of LINKIN PARK as it plays with many nuances that remind you of those bands
..the element of surprise in this album, makes you hooked up and makes you want to keep listening. In conclusion: Listen to it… but now!

1. I´m Fine
2. Countervail Me
3. Parabellvm
4. All Our Sins
5. Blurried Faces
6. Dazed And Confused
7. Above
8. Flesh And Bone
9. S.b.d.
10. Copy Of Mine
11. Hate Me
12. The Revenant


Gate Doors is a metal band born back in 2010 formed by classmates who decided to put their instruments to make what they always loved to do: Music. In their path to achieve their goals, Gate Doors won several band contests as were TeenWolfest 2013, Independance U18 Battle of the Bands 2013. On the following year 2014, the band recorded they first record “Leave My Life” which achieved a Number 1 on Itunes Top Sells on the day of its releasing, and stayed 4 days as Number 1 on Itunes in Rock category.

In this time, Gate Doors started stomping different stages around Spain, but the chance to make a national tour came with the releasing of the 2nd LP “Faster Than Ever”, that traveled all around the country on the “Faster Than Ever Tour 2019”, visiting cities like Barcelona, Vigo, Bilbao, Ibiza… Achieving some good critics by the crowd and espectators. On the same year, they started composing what will be their 3rd and most ambicious work.

The recording of their new job was shared in effort and places, so it was recorded in his majority in Academy of Contemporary Music in London, UK, by Emilio Maestre Rico and Raúl López Vázquez, and mixed and mastered in Estudio Uno, in Madrid by Raúl López Vázquez and Javier Giralte, former Gate Doors member and lead guitarist of the band.

By the end of 2019, Gate Doors released 3 singles of their new work called “All Our Sins”, wich were Parabellvm, Countervail Me, I´m Fine (shot in London), and All Our Sins, under discographic seal Worm Hole Death, and comunication by Lengua Armada Lenguaje Constructivo, ran by Nano Ruiz.

All Our Sins was released digitally on 7th March 2020, with a releasing show booked by Hache Bookings, the booking agency of the band, that´ll be remembered for a long time for being one of the last metal shows before covid19 total lockdown, and the energy and display of power that Gate Doors showed on the stage.

Line Up:
Javier Giralte Corrales
Javier Pérez Romero
Jose Granda Murias
David Bishop Luengo



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