GOLGOTHA – “Remembering the Past – Writing the Future”

“Remembering the Past – Writing the Future” is the band’s first release after the new addition of Samuel Morales (ex-HELEVORN) on second guitar and features the new song “Don’t Waste Your Life”, 4 re-recorded tracks from previous works, where they have been given a more current touch.

Produced by Miguel Angel Riutort “Mega”, at the Psychosomatic Recording Studio.


  1. Don’t Waste Your Life
  2. Helpless (2020)
  3. I Am Lost (2020)
  4. Elemental Changes (2020)
  5. Lonely (2020)

Amón López – Vocals
Vicente Payá – Guitars
Samuel Morales – Guitars
Andrew Spinosa – Bass
Tomeu Crespí – Drums

GOLGOTHA, Doom Metal band from Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Founded in 1992 by Vicente Payá. In its first years and with different lineups until 2005 they released several albums and EP’s (“Caves of Mind” EP 1994, “Melancholy” 1995, “The Way of Confusion” EP 1997, “Elemental Changes” 1998 and “New Life” 2005). After a hiatus, in 2014 the band rejoin and in 2018 they release a new EP “Arise”. In 2019 after some lineup changes, Vicente and Amón gOt in touch with drummer Tomeu Crespí and the producer bassist and keyboards M. Angel Riutort (Mega) to record a new album with 8 songs at Psychosomatic Recording Studios located in Mallorca. The band got signed to Xtreem Music for the release of this new album “Erasing the Past”.




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