GIMME METAL Raises $70,000 For Independent Artists Through Its Virtual Tip Jar

Gimme Tipjar Milestone – From mid-March to the end of 2020, GIMME raised $70,000 for over 300 independent artists through its virtual tip jar. This is meaningful income for artists who need it the most. They earned it by participating in the community on GIMME METAL, GIMME Country, and by connecting directly with their fans. GIMME proves once again that community is the future of streaming! Given the chance, fans want to support artists. GIMME is a creator economy platform raising meaningful revenue for musicians and would like to thank everyone who has tipped an artist they love and support as well as those who’ve shown up in the live chat to support the artists and each other during these extreme times. Tip jars are still open! Here’s to many more shows and much more relief to our artist friends around the globe!

Upcoming on GIMME METAL:
2/15 Possessed
2/16 Disfiguring The Goddess
2/19 Between The Lines Spotlight w/ Jim Santanella: S.O.D.
2/20 Hardcore Special w/ Director Drew Stone
2/20 Gimli, Son Of Glóin
2/24 Gravesend
2/26 Culted
2/27 GIMME Global Day #2 On Metal 2 (International Specials)
3/05 Cadaver All-Norwegian Special
3/09 The Crown
3/10 Wolf King
3/12 Pupil Slicer
3/17 Primordial All-Irish St. Patrick’s Day Special
3/19 Eyehategod
3/26 Autopsy
3/31 Genghis Tron
4/01 Wode
4/07 Horndal
4/09 The Lion’s Daughter
4/13 Akiavel
4/20 Bongzilla 420 Special
4/27 Vried
Don’t miss it! Visit GIMME METAL:

Founded by digital music veterans from Apple Music, Google Play, Beats Music, and Napster, parent company Gimme Radio builds highly engaged communities for the passionate fan on a genre-by-genre basis. The company launched its first community in June of 2017: the world’s first 24/7 metal-focused service. Fans tune in to hear world class DJs playing metal they can’t hear anywhere else – for free. The GIMME METAL app and streaming radio service allows the fans and the DJs/artists to communicate directly with one another in a live feed, in real-time, while they listen. Its roster of 70-plus DJs includes Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Jessica Pimentel, star of Orange Is The New Black, Brian Posehn, and Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God, among many others.

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