Feskarn (Folk/Viking metal one-man band) from Sweden release their new album “Raven’s Way”

Raven’s Way

Feskarn is a Folk/Viking metal one-man band from Sweden and on February 5th the band will release their new album “Raven’s Way”.
With a all new (studio gear, Ibanez guitar, soundcard and upgraded software), “Raven’s Way” will have higher quality delivering a lot of viking elements with troat singing, choirs, shaman drums and mouth harps. 14 tracks featuring experimental folk elements with mostly black metal and more balanced sound quality.

The album will be released in a standard version and as double CD limited edition of 100 copies with unreleased remastered songs.

Standard CD:
1. Ravens Way
2. Broken World
3. Sigur
4. Vägen framåt
5. Parasite
6. War
7. Relics from the Past
8. Livets tid
9. Golden Age
10. Strong from Nature
11. Destroyed
12. Yggdrasil
13. The Frost of the Fallen
14. Ein bier

Bonus Cd for the limited Edition:
1. Celtic Fist
2. Ninja Punch
3. Ghost Of The Seas
4. Warriors From The North
5. Skogens Supande Folk
6. Doomed On Iland
7. Gryningens Slag
8. Art Of Pain
9. Blodspill
10. Hidden Paradise
11. Ölvisan (Old Demo version)
12. Gurgla Ner Brännvinet
13. Suffering Souls (1st Feskarn recording ever)

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums by Feskarn (Niklas Larsson)






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