Harakiri For The Sky – “Mӕre” – New release date 19.02.2021 (MELODIC POST-BLACK METAL)

Austrian melodic black metal band HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY’s new album, Mӕre,” is coming out February 19th via AOP Records. Unfortunately (due to Covid) there have been delays at the pressing plant, therefore we have to postpone the release to February. This will be the band’s 5th full-length album, and follow up to 2018’s critically lauded record “Arson.”

From the band’s vicious wall of riffs opener “I, Pallbearer” to the second song released so far, “Sing For The Damage We’ve Done” (Feat Neige of ALCEST), “Mӕre,” is a perfect, seething soundtrack to the chaos we’re currently living in.


Mӕre – a malicious folkloristic entity creeping on sleeping people’s chest during the night and causing breathlessness and anxiety. It’s exactly this state of diffuse terror and paralysis that has been enshrined in HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY‘s music ever since their debut album. And now, more tales from feverish dreams are being released on January 29th worldwide (excl USA: February 19th) in the form of the band’s 5th longplayer “Mӕre“, out via AOP Records.

As pioneers of the post movement, mixing haunting black metal with post rock moments, the Austrians have, ever since their conception in 2011, drawn fans and critics deeper and deeper into their maelstrom of melancholy, self hate and anger, and even reached #29 of the German charts with their previous release “Arson”. And once again, several friends of the band entered the intoxicated world of HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY to guest on “Mӕre“: While Alcest’s front man Neige brings a haunting flair to ‘Sing For The Damage We’ve Done’ the anonymous voice of Gaerea joins in on ‘Silver Needle // Golden Dawn’. As session drummer, the band one again committed none less than Kerim “Krimh“ Lechner (Septicflesh, live Behemoth) in the studio and the atmospheric artwork was designed by Art of Maquenda.





Austin Griswold


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