Hi everyone, after this odd year 2020, thanks to the new agreements with our distribution partners and our new suppliers (from the usual Cd, tapes and vinyl to our new digipack with customized USB). We have decided to open our emails to all the labels, bands and Artists! From rock to all kinds of metal or electronic, for anyone who wants to develop their musical project through our labels and distributions.
We believe that today, thanks to the web, each project can be conveyed all over the world very fast. However, often, for a European fan to buy physical material of a band that comes from the other side of the world, it is so expensive! That leads to a lost sale. Moreover, thanks to the knowledge of the area. It is clearly easier to convey/ vehicle a band on European soil from a European label, rather than from an agency or a label thousands of km away.
Furthermore, beyond Blasphemous Records for rock and metal. An entity already known and successful in Europe thanks to MORTADO, with the album Rupert the King! We have decided to open a label named Soviet Noise Records that deals with Post Rock, Synthwave Darkwave . All labels are distributed In Europe via CODE 7 for physical formats and Amazon, and our online store. Digital will be done with Ingrooves.
Contact us trustfully! We are underground and we work with and for the underground. It means no services of sale of equipment to the band, but collaboration both in costs and work. If a band grows in Europe, we’ll grow with it.
We are waiting for your links so that we can build a partnership to publish, distribute and promote your projects in Europe. If you have already signed a contract with a label that does not deal with Europe, we could try to find an agreement to have your cd in Europe. We believe in fair partnership.
p.s. We decided to leave Facebook gradually, we’ll use it only for promotion in the groups of the bands that will collaborate with us. We are moving to Instagram, so you can also find us there!
First 2021 Release from Blasphemous Records ‘MISSTRESS’ “Resurrection” (Hard Rock/Punk/Glam from Poland) is scheduled for the 7th of May! W e will talk about that in the next feature on Metal Devastation Radio!
Contact us:

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