GENUS ORDINIS DEI reveal “Judgement”, episode 6 from GLARE OF DELIVERANCE,
their new LP now available on all digital platforms

Symphonic death metal band Genus Ordinis Dei have just released the sixth music video entitled Judgement from their critically acclaimed and much appreciated concept album Glare Of Deliverance. In this episode, Eleanor’s story unfolds through her imprisonment and the trial at the citadel. The Bishop sits on his throne and will decide Eleanor‘s fate… The stones will reveal the truth to The Holy Inquisition: there will be mercy with the white one, the black one will instead reveal sin. Will she be forgiven or will she have to pay for her sins?

To find out, watch the sixth new episode entitled Judgement, taken from Glare of Deliverance.


While filiming Judgement, it was very difficult finding the best place for the shooting.” says guitar player Tommaso Monticelli. We discovered an abandoned village called Marone, in the Alps near Domodossola, which had the atmosphere we were looking for. After finally getting permission for filming, we had to walk for 20 minutes on a stony path while carrying a lot of equipment like a 40kg electric generator, a wooden log, pieces of furniture, scene objects, costumes, lights.. a lot of stuff! It took 6 trips back and forth for us, but it was worth it. The church was in terrible conditions and it took some time to clean it and set it for the shooting. All over the pavements of this humid and cold church there were dozes of small black scorpions, that we had to make sure we removed before we could shoot safely. In this episode, I played the part of The Bishop and it was fun. Alessandra and Floriana, the costume designer and the make-up artist, did an excellent job and I have to thank them for their support. Thank you also to Giacomina, who helped carrying all the heavy equipment with her quad: it was a blessing!”

Glare of Deliverance is much more than a simple concept album however… It is a series of ten individual songs, each with its own music video/episode. These episodes combine in sequence like a television series that bring the story of Eleanor to life. The video series brings the concept art of Tom Roberts (Ghost) to life and may even give you nightmares! The horror-esque storyline leaves you feeling helpless, unable to save Eleanor from her corrupt accusers while the music engulfs you in her struggle to survive. Watch here the first six episodes via the official series playlist on the label’s YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for the remaining four episodes throughout the first half of 2021.

Glare of Deliverance was recently released, on December 4th 2020, via Eclipse Records, and it got dozes of enthusiastic reviews from all over the world. Metal Radio gave it a score of 90/100, defining it “one of the best albums of 2020“, while A&P Reacts says “this album is absolutely flawless and perfect”. The praise goes on and on from dozens of highly respected media outlets. For just a sample of highlights, click HERE.

For more information on Genus Ordinis Dei, please visit them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Eclipse Records, and follow them on SpotifyApple Music or Deezer.

Glare Of Deliverance tracklist:
01. Ritual
02. Hunt
03. Edict
04. Examination
05. Torture
06. Judgement
07. Dream
08. Abjuration
09. Exorcism
10. Fire

Glare of Deliverance (album) – 2020
Nemesis feat. Melissa VanFleet (single) – 2019
Great Olden Dynasty (album) – 2017
EP 2016 (EP) – 2016
The Middle (album) – 2015

Nick K (vocals & guitar)
Tommy Mastermind (guitar & orchestra)
Steven F. Olda (bass)
Richard Meiz (drums)


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