TRAPPED IN PURGATORY: “Damned Nation” Out soon – UK Old School Thrash Metal

Baptised in blood, born of necessity and brought into being by three-fifths of UK thrash originals Purgatory, TRAPPED IN PURGATORY pull no punches and make no apologies. Theirs is a thrash-fuelled aural assault, uncompromising and unyielding, yet retaining an old school metal sensibility.

This is not a reformation but a rebirth. TRAPPED IN PURGATORY incorporates a killer new rhythm section, comprising members of Four- waykill and Mercury Rain, both veterans of the metal scene that spawned Purgatory back at the thrash end of the Eighties. Put this all in the cauldron, crank up the heat and you have a recipe for a beautiful disaster, a joyous torment of relentless riffs and take-no- prisoner vocals. The five-piece outfit are currently finalising their debut album ‘Damned Nation’ which features ten brand-new tracks, with everything from fast, punk-tinged thrash to slower, groove-laden cuts and atmospheric twists.

Prelude to war
Hung out to die
Spit it out
Patient zero
Damned nation
Apex predator
Beyond the Rubicon*
Out of the fire (Into the pit)
Ashen tide

*featuring Theresa Smith, Metaprism

Chris Neighbour – vocals (ex-Purgatory, Fourwaykill)
Jason Coombs – guitar (ex-Purgatory)
Andy ‘Jock’ Jamieson – lead guitar (ex-Purgatory, Gripshift)
Jon Hoare – bass (ex-Mercury Rain)
Marc Paling – drums (ex-Fourwaykill, Headcount)

Album artwork – Andy Pilkington
Band photography – Toby Hoare



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