Zeahorse: “Let’s Not (And Say We Did)” – Copper Feast Records

Zeahorse are a four-piece noise rock band from Sydney formed in 2010. For the past decade they have built a strong dynamic and immersive live experience that has earnt them a loyal and underground following across Australia. Living in different states, writing and recording when it suits, their sonic evolution has ignored fleeting fashion’s in favour of a genuine energy to make music with one another and continually refine their craft.

After over four years away from the studio, Zeahorse‘s much-anticipated third record ‘Let’s Not (And Say We Did)‘ kicks off with a headbutt from a meathead dressed in surprisingly-fine Egyptian cotton and then only lets up occasionally so you can check your stupid phone with the cracked screen. It is the sound of gleefully setting alight a skip bin of discarded How to Win Friends and Influence People paperbacks. (Fuck those sycophants, those dim flashes in unwashed pans. No longer do we have time for them).

From the everyone’s-mate company narcissist of ‘The Ladder’ to the selfie-aware solipsism of ’20 Nothing’s trendy shut-in, ‘Let’s Not (And Say We Did)’ is Oz noise rock at its most relevant – like watching Countdown on acid dropped into kit-home hell. The lyric on single ‘Guilty’, “Tried to go to heaven but went the other way” is particularly pertinent here. Blare it while the poor in spirit march joyously into the inferno that it is their paradise – on their way to a photoshoot at the beach without ever stepping onto the sand

What the band Say “The record is filled with ratbag cynicism, big beats and snarly guitars. Structures are reminiscent of early 90’s punk bands like Unwound and Fugazi but there are also lashes of thick heavy psych which we’re renowned for. In terms of themes and focus points of the album, we’re talking satirical commentary on social behaviour both online and in the real world, the confusion we have with living life in the moment as well as trying to live a life online, struggles and challenges with identity, with what to believe and what to ignore.



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