New Techniques for guitar learning created by brazilian guitarist Alex Meister

Brazilian guitarist Alex Meister, known worldwide for his work in front of the bands Pleasure Maker and Marenna-Meister, in addition to his solo career, has also been a teacher for over 20 years and is promoting the exclusive techniques for learning guitar.

The method used in class is created by Alex Meister himself and is divided into 2 modules totaling more than 300 pages with theoretical material, from its basic concept of construction to its actual application, from intervals to functional harmony and practical exercises for development of all the techniques of the instrument for the style. The techniques are focused for the student to achieve excellence in the execution of songs, in addition to improvisation and composition. In the future, the booklet will be published in book format, entitled “Functional Harmony for Rock Guitar”.

“I developed this method to facilitate and better direct the student. I used part of how I learned theory until everything I studied and researched throughout my career. This is a very complete and extensive material, which goes through revisions and renovations with the intention of improving it. even more, using my experience through what worked best with most of my students “, explains Alex.

The course is aimed at teaching Rock Guitar within all its aspects such as Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Neo-Classical among others, for beginners as well as for intermediate or advanced. Guitar lessons are private and can be in person or online, which allows students from anywhere in the world to learn about their teaching and train to be great professionals.

Alex Meister is also an endorser of the 2L Guitars brand and has the DerMeister signature guitar that he created and developed, with the main objective of being a high performance instrument for demanding musicians who need a responsive and reliable guitar when it comes to it. technique and speed. Check out more about the description of this exclusive instrument on the website.


Alex Meister has been a guitarist for over 30 years and has worked as a teacher for just over 20. He went to expression bands in Rio de Janeiro in the 90s until he became a member of the Heavy Metal band Thoten, with whom he performed several times. times in Brazil, including the opening show for the american band Savatage in 1998 and abroad, participating in the Gods Of Metal festival in Milan, Italy, alongside Whitesnake, Motörhead, Queensrÿche, Saxon and Angra, in 2003. On this same occasion, he was interviewed by Italian MTV.

In his career, he edited five CDs inside and outside Brazil; an instrumental solo (Alex Meister – “My Way” in 2011), three with the Hard Rock band Pleasure Maker (“Love On the Rocks” in 2004, “Twisted Desire” in 2008 and “Dancin ‘With Danger” in 2018) , and the album of his recent project Marenna-Meister (“Out of Reach” in 2020). In addition to being a guitarist, Alex also acted as the main composer and producer in all these works. These albums were released and distributed in countries in North America, Europe and Asia by labels such as Spiritual Beast (Japan), Perris Records (USA), Steelheart Records (Italy) and Lions Pride Music (Denmark). In Brazil by Animal Records and GMSA Records.

To promote these works, video clips like “Just Thinkin’About You” and “What’s Up?” in solo carriera; “(There’s So) Many Things” and “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” with Marenna-Meister and “It Ain’t Bout Love” and “Dancin’With Danger with Pleasure Maker. available on YouTube.

In 2019 he released two singles on different projects, marking the new phase of his career and ending the cycle of the band Pleasure Maker after more than 15 years on the road. The first, Alex Meister “Just Thinkin ‘About You”, released in video clip and streaming, brought him back to his solo career, debuting in front of vocals, re-recording the track that opened all doors for his debut album “Love On The Rocks “. And the second single “Follow Me Up” with their new project Marenna-Meister, which culminated in the signing of the contract with the label Lions Pride Music (Denmark) for the worldwide release of their 5th CD “Out of Reach” on September 28th 2020.

Alex also made appearances recording songs by other artists and bands as with Paradise inc. from São Paulo, in 2014, in a work with several guests such as the American vocalist Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and sharing the guitars with Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin), on the single “Secrets”. And in 2016, with Argentine vocalist Alec Michels, on the single “Sacrifice”, which is part of his solo album “Marcado A Sangre”, also aired as a video clip. Because of this, Alex performed twice in Buenos Aires (Argentina), for the dissemination of this work in the same year and also gave interviews to websites and specialized magazines. Together with all the work, he also served as a technical reviewer of books on methods for guitar for some Brazilian publishers.

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