Korpse: “Insufferable Violence” – Unique Leader 26 February 2021

This is KORPSE, a quartet of death metal destruction from The Netherlands. Insufferable Violence marks KORPSE’s third full-length album, set for release via the indomitable Unique Leader Records on 26th February.

By far the most brutal and dark album KORPSE has produced yet, the band deliver ten tracks of jaw dropping Death Metal carnage.  During Insufferable Violence’s thirty-eight minutes of chaotic punishment and depravity the band seem on a mission to turn their listener to dust beneath a ceaseless torrent of immensely heavy slam breakdowns, inhuman vocals, grinding speed and aggression. KORPSE once again bring their no-nonsense approach to the slamming death genre with no compromise or false overstatements in one of this year’s heaviest releases. The result is a deeply uncomfortable listen.

Comments KORPSE: “We are very proud to present to you our third album called Insufferable Violence. The title is an obvious metaphor for what to expect from the new tracks; relentless brutal death metal in our signature style of the genre. Obviously, the songs are fast, brutal, aggressive, slow and groovy, but we didn’t shy away from trying new things. We’ve incorporated a lot of death metal’s neighbouring genres to spice up the mix, varying from beatdown to black metal, and from goregrind to tech death. We feel this is the absolute best album we are able to deliver at this point in our career and we sincerely hope you will become as excited about it as we are!”

Founded by drummer Marten van Kruijssen in 2013 together with vocalist Sven van Dijk, guitarist Floor van Kuijk and bassist Robin van Rijswijk, KORPSE are widely regarded for their savage and uncompromising live shows. Previous albums the self-titled Korpse debut (2014) and Unethical (2016) grabbed the immediate attention of fans and press worldwide whilst allowing the band to tour throughout  Europe and the USA playing many Summer festivals including Deathfeast, Neurotic Deathfest, Obscene Extreme, Stonehenge, Berlin Deathfest, Nice To Eat You Deathfest, UK Slamfest, Slamming Brutality, Fall in the Brawl, Chicago Domination Fest, New York Deathfest, Heidelberg Deathfest and touring with bands such as Scordatura, and Extermination Dismemberment.

If by the end you’re not mauled to fucking pieces, congratulations, you’ve just become one of the survivors of KORPSE’s aural battering ram.

The graphic artwork depicts the the murder and rape of pregnant women by fighters during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which still remains one of the least researched and least publicised aspects of wartime brutality.

FFO: Devourment, Kraanium, Disgorge, Mortician

Vocals: Sven van Dijk
Guitars: Floor van Kuijk
Bass: Robin van Rijswijk
Drums: Marten van Kruijssen

1 – PTSD
2 – Insufferable Violence
3 – Disposable Underaged Objects
4 – Self Preservation
5 – A Final Lesson
6 – Genocidal Bloodbath
7 – Callousness
8 – Vital Transaction
9 – Molestation Condonation
10 – Epochs of Melancholy

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