Deep Space Mask (Fra): “Songs From The Dark Light” – Heavy Metal / Stoner Rock via Planet K Records

Deep Space Mask is the solo project of Raymz (ex Fiinky Pie, hard rock band who produced three albums with Brennus Music Records between 2003 and 2009). It is an “one man band”, created in February 2020.

The album opener ‘Nosferatu’ is now available at label’s Bandcamp –

On the 1st album “Songs From The Dark Light” Raymz composed and played all the instruments (guitars, bass, drums, keyboards), all the voices, the sound recording and the mixing.

Having always been a fan of Black Sabbath (his idol is Tony Iommi, the absolute master of the Heavy guitar), Death SSPentagramTroublePaul ChainCandlemass, he decides to play this music which is so dear to him, namely a powerful Heavy Metal / Stoner Rock but which would keep catchy choruses, very important thing for Raymz who is also a fan of Hard Rock and Classic Rock. Some psychedelic rock touches are also included here and there. The album “Songs From The Dark Light” is entirely produced in Raymz‘s home studio in Roanne, France in 2020.

The overall atmosphere of the album is quite dark and spatial while keeping this catchy touch immediately accessible.


Grand Sounds PR


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