Black Soul Horde: “Land Of Demise” – Epic and Powerful Heavy Metal

Black Soul Horde
Land Of Demise
CD Release Date: 14/12/2020
Vinyl Release Date: 02/04/2021


It’s been a good seven years since Greece’s Black Soul Horde released their first album “Tales Of The Ancient Ones” and a lot has happened and changed since then, but their love for good old fashioned heavy metal remains stout and bulletproof.

After a long and somewhat bumpy road, the Greeks finally return with their second full-length album “Land of Demise“. It was a utter challenge for the band to complete an album amidst a global pandemic and this violent and abrupt change in all our lives, but this decline of ideals, ethics, human rights and constant reminder that we are head on for an unprecedented collision instigated the band to produce new content for this album.

The end result is a powerful heavy metal album full of heavy riffs and killer hooks that will please even the most die-hard fan of heavy metal. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in Mothstudio Productions, Athens, Greece by John Tsiakopoulos, the band’s guitarist and composer “Land of Demise” features Vasilis Nanos as session drummer and the amazing artwork of Remedy Art Design.


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