Warside – “The Enemy Inside” – First self-produced EP Out Now

Warside has just released its first self-produced EP “The enemy inside”. The band has broad influences ranging from Death Metal (Aborted, Misery Index, Vomitory…) to grind core (Rotten sound, Mumakill…).

This first EP is meant to be raw and without concessions, it is the result of the meeting and reunion of experienced musicians from the Lyonnaise extreme metal scene. This album is an expression of the violence, frustration and hatred accumulated within our contemporary society.

The 6 tracks let express the lowest instincts by exploding in broad daylight the animal part of the individuals involved in the songs. The pieces tackle strong themes such as single thought and authoritarianism, the endless violence of the poorest in society, the alienating race for profit and the resulting social suicide. The texts also find their inspiration in the cinema (Falling down, Plattoon, Rampage …) or science fiction literature.

Warside is a Death Metal band formed in 2018 in Lyon by Jérôme (Guitars), Vincent (Guitars), Thomas (Vocals), Nathan (Drums) and Florent (Bass). After a few concerts in the Lyon region, the band recorded their first EP at Consulsound under the direction of Thibaut Bernard. 

01 –  Chapter II
02 –  Fahrenheit 451
03 –  Heroes shed no tears
04 – History of violence
05 – Feeding the crows
06 – Warside II

Vincent : Lead Guitar
Jerome : Guitar
Nathan : Drums
Thomas : Vocals
Florent : Bass

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at ConvulSound production by Thibault Bernard: Lyon – France  – https://www.convulsound-studio.com/


Website : www.warside1.com

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbKPnsWVGb4FLSyvUmQDBbA

Bandcamp : https://warside1.bandcamp.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/WARSIDE.FR

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/warside_official/

Contact : contact@warside1.com


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