Wehrmacht: “Biermächt” – Hammerheart Records 26 February 2021

Alcohol infused Crossover Thrash, finally available again!

The second album from Wehrmacht, “Biermächt” saw the band maturing while still retaining their Thrashcore roots. Released in mid-1988, “Biermächt” featured a slightly cleaner production than the one found on their debut album. To some fans this rendered the album with much less intensity, but to our ears the sound was still very powerful.

The massive reverb used on the first album made “Shark Attack” sound like a true shark attack and only added to the overall intensity. This time around the drums are more compressed and some blast beat parts tend to get lost in the overall blur of things. But on the same token, the guitars are much sharper sounding. Marco Zorich and John Duffy were truly evolving as guitar heroes.

The thing that is really great and different compared to “Shark Attack” are the funny bit songs. We love them and enjoy them. A lot of the songs on “Biermächt” were leftovers from their demo days, including the phenomenal “Night Of Pain”, one of our all time favorite Thrash songs ever, but newer stuff like “Radical Dissection” and “Balance Of Opinion” showed the band handling a more mainstream Thrash sound somewhere in the middle of a Slayer/Kreator sound and Metallica/Megadeth. There is a certain progressiveness to those songs that hint to a more elaborate musical future.

“Biermächt” is a very strong Crossover/Thrash album with a laid back party vibe to it. The sound, however, is very in-your-face. This is not a subtle album by any means.

It’s not that they were the funniest bunch around (their side project Spazztic Blurr went a lot further). But Wehrmacht did have their own specific sound (mostly because of the vocals and guitars). Especially after all these years it becomes obvious all Crossover lovers and Thrashers from those days do in fact have this album and hold it dearly. The album has historic importance as well as huge sentimental value. Biermächt is a landmark in eighties Crossover Thrash and should be checked out immediately by all newbies.

For fans of: D.R.I., Cryptic Slaughter, Napalm Death, Tankard, Suicidal Tendencies

Orders: sales@hammerheart.com


  1. You Broke My Heart
    (So i Broke Your Face)
  2. Gore Flix
  3. The Beer is Here! / Drink Beer Be Free
  4. The Wehrmacht
  5. Everb
  6. Munchies
  7. Night Of Pain (Part i)
  8. Balance Of Opinion
  9. Suck My Dick
  10. Drink Jack
  11. Radical Dissection
  12. Beermacht
  13. Outro

Formats: 2-CD/LP/MC

CD UPC: 8715392-2101-2-9 LP UPC: 8715392-2101-1-2 Cat No: HHR2021-01

1. The Wehrmacht
2. Suck My Dick
3. Night Of Pain
4. E!
5. Gore Flicks
6. Termination
7. Beermacht

8. Shark Attack
9. B.O.S. (Barrage Of Skankers)
10. Anti
11. Blow You Away
12. Concrete Meat
13. Napalm Shower
14. S.O.P.
15. Part ii
16. Jabberjaw
17. Speedaholic

liVe at Pine st. tHeatre 1989
18. Balance Of Opinion
19. Napalm Shower
20. Drink Jack
21. Radical Neck Dissection
22. Shark Attack
23. Munchies



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