The brazillian black metal band Vazio releases music video “Eterno Aeon Obscuro”

The revelation of Black Metal in Brazil, the band Vazio, releases the music video for the song “Eterno Aeon Obscuro”, a track present in the debut album of the same name. The work goes through several schools of atmospheric ‘Black’ Metal and comes with a message even more aggressive than the sound itself, characteristic of the band’s sound that mixes extreme metal with dark and fast black-metal sounds adding moments of experimental music and ritualistic. “Eterno Aeon Obscuro” was released by Xaninho Discos and presents a heavy and daring composition.

“The clip’s scenes mix elements that make up the Void path: Ancestral rituals, extreme music, trance and obscure art. The moment it was produced was the height of the pandemic in São Paulo, a time of social isolation (April 2020) where a certain logistics was thought to make this independent audiovisual work possible, totally in the do-it-yourself. Made with almost zero funds but with a lot of commitment to do a job that involves the ancient and powerful cult of the dead ”, explains vocalist Renato Gimenez.


Vazio became one of the revelations in the underground due to the fact of singing in Portuguese, and keeping the listener attentive, since vociferations complement the work of the early days of Mayhem. However, the work presented by Vazio in ‘Eternal Aeon Obscuro’ is far from being a mere copy of Norwegian black metal created in the early 1990s, Vazio brings a lot of personality and characteristic elements. Atmospheric and icy riffs, drums like war artillery, thought-provoking bass lines and a lot of hatred in Renato Gimenez’s vocals is a bit of what black metal lovers can expect when they know this revelation directly from Brazil.

Formed in 2016 by musicians from bands like Armageddon, Social Chaos, Nuclear Frost and Creptum, the band launches the debut EP that yielded an extensive European tour with 23 shows in 7 countries. In 2019 they release the split “Saxonian Deathbed – live in Dresden”, together with the German band Bad Luck Rides on Wheels, the result of a live performance in Germany. Vazio prepares to release in 2021 the first DVD + CD, from the show recorded in 2018 with the legendary Vulcano band.

1) Elementais da Matéria Escura
2) Sob a Noite Espectral
3) Nascido do Fogo
4) Reino das Matas
5) O chamado dos Mortos
6) Condenados ao Esquecimento
7) Eterno Aeon Obscuro
8) Travessia Silenciosa
9) Sangue Invertido no Coração Negro Despedaçado
10) Revelações do Abismo
11) Koié Kokoiá

Renato Gimenez (vocal and Guitar)
Daniel Vecchi (Drumms)
Crick Nilson (Bass and Sampler)
Eric Cavalcante (Guitar and Keyboards)

Genre:  Black Metal
Producer:  Eric Cavalcante
Recording, mixing and mastering: Eric Cavalcante – CAFFEINE SOUND STUDIO
Video Productor: Alessandro Medici
Photography: Dani Moreira

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