Within Nostalgia Release Stream Of Blackened Doom Album “Void and Decay”

After two solid single releases, Canada’s Within Nostalgia is streaming their new album “Void and Decay”. This album follows up their debut album “Conjuring A New Reality”, which was released in 2019. Taking the reins as a duo, they have forged forward continuing to weave dark melodies and haunting riffs together to create a sound that is intriguing in its uniqueness.

Refusing to be restricted to a single sub-genre, Within Nostalgia flirts with a wide range of influences, including black, doom, and death. The band comments on the album:

“We’re very excited to put this release out. Not only for fans but for ourselves as well since we’ve really found our sound and direction. You can obviously tell there is a black metal influence but it’s so much more than that on this album. We’ve really embraced the strangeness of our sound and let go of any preconceived notation of what “metal” is to us.”

Citing that their writing process has changed considerably since they first began, Within Nostalgia takes unbridled emotion and shapes it into something tangible and enjoyable for listeners.

“Void & Decay” is a dark album, having a lot to do with the current state of our society. Within Nostalgia put a lot of pain and anger in this album that was inside of them, perhaps subconsciously and through that, they found some strange positive light.

Recommended for fans of My Dying Bride, Nachtmystium, and Enslaved, the full album “Void & Decay” is now streaming via its exclusive premiere on Decibel Magazine HERE.

The full album “Void & Decay” comes out on December 18, 2020.

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Music Video “Desideratum”YouTube
Lyric Video “Beneath Unworthy Presence” – YouTube

Track Listing:
1. City of Nameless Faces (5:25)
2. Beneath Unworthy Presence (5:55)
3. BlackLight (6:51)
4. Higher Than My Fears (7:31)
5. Desideratum (6:09)
Album Length: 31:53

Kye Bell (Lead Guitar/ Bass), Alyssa Broere (Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals)
Photo Credit – Isaac Paul Images


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