Pillory: “Scourge upon Humanity” – Unique Leader 18 December 2020

Boston death metallers PILLORY return with their long awaited third album Scourge on Humanity, where technical wizardry meets relentless power in this multi-sensory auditory onslaught as the band continues their relentless journey to expand upon their signature intricacies.

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Darren Cesca (Arsis, Burn in Silence, Goratory), Scourge upon Humanity is set for release on December 18th via Unique Leader Records. A physically and mentally demanding listen, the album features eleven tracks of sweeping leads and deranged rhythms which combine deep chugs and brutal blastbeats, all executed with near surgical meticulousness to make one of the most intense death metal releases of the year.

PILLORY mastermind Darren Cesca (Deeds of Flesh, Arsis, Burn in Silence, Goratory) comments: “This record was written and composed in a very organic way. Each instrument goes through a wide range of timing and tempo changes to help tell the story. Each PILLORY album for me is an experimental, extreme, grindy, death metal experience. Enjoy the ride.”

Following on from their highly acclaimed sophomore album Evolutionary Miscarriage in 2014, PILLORY have further refined their ability to crush and confuse on this release.

FFO: Necrophagist, Katalepsy, Origin

1. Depleted Mortal Prosperity
2. Diluted Existence
3. Synergistic Diffusion
4. Emanate Deprecation
5. Inherent Genetic Collapse
6. Envisaged Transmutation
7. Epidemic Infection
8. Imminent Obliteration
9. Our Wretched Divinity
10. Calculating Progressive Extinct
11. Terminus

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