Macumbazilla: vocalist joins new Metal project sung in Spanish


In parallel to the recording work on the Macumbazilla album, vocalist André Nisgoski joined a new project called San La Muerte.

The band started this year in october when bassist Fabiano Menon (Dave Evans, Boca Raton) and guitarist Karim Serri (Legacy of Kain) decided to make a project aimed at the Spanish-speaking South American audience. To bring this idea to life, they invited Markos Franzmann (Legacy of Kain) for the drums and André Nisgoski (Macumbazilla) for the vocals, thus forming the newest metal force, not only from Brazil but also from South America.

Making a Thrash Metal with the influence of established names like Testament, Metallica and Death Angel, and singing in Spanish, San La Muerte will launch on November 25th a teaser presenting his work.

More information about the band and future work will be given soon.

To learn more about San La Muerte, follow the band on their social networks.

San La Muerte:
André Nisgoski (vocal)
Karim Serri (guitar)
Fabiano Menon (bass)
Markos Franzmann (drums)

More information:

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