Experience The Stages of Grief w/ Full Album Video For Shores of Null’s “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)”

Revealing to the world their latest epic “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)” at the end of this November, Italian gothic doomsters Shores of Null are giving fans a visual experience of their 38-minute single-track concept album that takes listeners through the stages of grief. The video explores the band’s dark opus with many special guests, including two doom-titans, Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow The Sun) and Thomas A.G. Jensen (Saturnus) along with the angelic voice of Elisabetta Marchetti (Inno). The band also presents an even more diverse and eclectic sound on the album thanks to the addition of piano and violin.

Shores of Null comments on the video:
“This video goes hand in hand with the theme of the song, exploring the process of grief in its black and white grandeur. In these dark times, with no live shows in sight, we wanted to offer you an intense visual experience to better capture the empathy of the album, teaming up once again with Sanda Movies, who succeeded in the exceptional task of putting the full 38-minute song into images, giving the work as a whole a much deeper meaning”

Experience the stages of grief with the full album video:


Shores Of Null can be overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time, trading off between gothic-doom vibes and blackened aggression. Their music stands out for its melancholic yet majestic vibe, made of choral-like guitar textures exploiting their full range, sustained by a powerful rhythmic section and punctuated by a refined brew of clean and growled vocals, with a large use of vocal harmonies, which have become one of the band’s trademark through the years.

Suggested for fans of Paradise Lost, Amorphis, and Saturnus, “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)” is available at the following link HERE (CD, Vinyl, Digital).

Track Listing:
1. Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying) [38:24]

Single Credits:
• All songs performed by: Shores Of Null
• All songs written by: Gabriele Giaccari and Raffaele Colace, lyrics and vocal arrangements by Davide Straccione
• Produced by: Shores Of Null and Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono
• Mixed by: Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono
• Mastered by: Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono
• Album Artwork by: Sabrina Caramanico
• Member of SIAE (Italy)

Single and Live Band Line Up:
Davide Straccione – Vocals
Gabriele Giaccari – Guitars
Raffaele Colace – Guitars
Matteo Capozucca – Bass
Emiliano Cantiano – Drums


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