Cerulean Dawn: “The Octant Moons”, the debut EP of Atmospheric Black Metal project

We are proud to present the debut release from Cerulean Dawn, a new project of experienced musicians from New England, USA. The band plays Atmospheric Black Metal, rich in dynamics and banging riffs, reminiscent of the likes of Vanum, Wolves in the Throne Room and Mare Cognitum, all wrapped in a cosmic theme just like the latter. Formed in 2018, they have independently released this debut EP earlier this year, which has since remained virtually unnoticed. Criminally so, we might add, as the music is nothing short of stellar, especially for a debut!

In the words of its main songwriter :
“Cerulean Dawn in and of itself is a voyage throughout the stars. A vessel merely to convey the sense of mysticism and wonder you get when you gaze upon them on a bleak wintry night. All the inspiration for Cerulean Dawn comes from fascinations of the universe, the sky and the wonders of exploring the heavens above coupled with the ideas of creation and temporal existence. Even down to musings on death and abandonment in the furthest reaches of space. But not in a sorrowful sense, more so an acceptance of the release from physical forms. It’s both mournful and beautiful; a true harmony. Such is the way I envision the music, both beautiful and melancholy but cast in a triumphant and powerful fashion. It is music to me that encompasses emotions and voyage, it’s not music that is bound by a few riffs, it is a journey, much like a story, that has introductions, conflict, and resolution. Cerulean Dawn began as an outfit to branch out from both our usual musical territories to create our own flavor of atmosphere using unconventional tools such as 12 string guitars and our love for analog synthesizers without any limitations. As of 2018 we have been burning away slowly to launch our maiden voyage into the cosmos.” 

“The Octant Moons” will be released on CD by Viridian Flame Records, on the 11th of December 2020.

More info :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CeruleanDawn/

Bandcamp : https://ceruleandawn.bandcamp.com  

Viridian Flame Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ViridianFlame


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