Wormholedeath is proud to announce the release of the albums from BruteAllies, What is TEC and Carnage Alpha

BruteAllies “Ash and Nails”

Hailing from Manchester UK, BruteAllies are a metal band combining modern Thrash metal with a technical edge and fierce death metal with breathtaking melodies. The best way to describe the sound of BruteAllies is an uncompromising lyrical ferocity, filled with twin guitar attack spitting out pounding riffs, earth shaking tectonic bass and battering ram-like devastating drums. A band that walks it’s own path, have their own sound but many influences, some of them evident some unintentionally hidden while they passionately manage to retain their own style.

“Ash and Nails” is available on all digital platforms HERE

Band statement:
“Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present you the fruit of our almost 2 years effort. Our debut album “ASH & NAILS”. We worked hard to make it happen and we really hope that you will enjoy it. We could not achieve this without the help from: Ivan Panferov, Niklavs Trankalis, Ekaterina Mulyukova , Luke Clarke, Jordan Oterski, Marios Iliopoulos, Lukasz Szmidel, Alex Beaumont, Daniele Seti. Carlo Bellotti and of course Natasa Pribac. Thank you!

Watch “Dark Army” [OFFICIAL VIDEO] here:



Facebook| www.facebook.com/BruteAllies

Youtube| www.youtube.com/BruteAllies

Bandcamp| bruteallies.bandcamp.com


What is TEC “Genodified”

What is TEC is a modern metal band from Istanbul Turkey . “Genodified” is a distress call carrying out the tale of mankind to whomever it may reach. A theme of dark/modern/ambient narration mixed with savage storytelling as the band stated. The album  is a blend of metal genres such as Death Metal/Hardcore/Deathcore and Metalcore. “GENODIFIED” is the band’s first LP album .

“Genodified” is available on all digital platforms HERE

“Genodified” Album Teaser:



Youtube| www.youtube.com/WhatIsTEC

Facebook| www.facebook.com/whatistecofficial

Instagram| www.instagram.com/whatistecofficial

Web| www.whatistecofficial.com


Carnage Alpha “From There to Oblivion”

Carnage Alpha is a metal act from Sweden. Their music is a mix of melodic death metal with hints of other genres as well. 3 words can be used to describe the band: Melodic, Agressive and Atmospheric. They sound like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames (earlier stuff) but with a bit more synthesizers.

“From There to Oblivion” is available on all digital platforms HERE

“From There to Oblivion” Album Teaser:



Youtube| www.youtube.com/CarnageAlpha

Facebook| www.facebook.com/carnagealpha

Instagram| www.instagram.com/carnagealphaband




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