New Promo – Dangerous Times For The Dead “Self Titled” (NWOTHM)

DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD is a Dutch Heavy Metal band that sounds they have been transported straight out of the 80’s; a hard & heavy, classic but fresh sound, truly makes them a part of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. Full of energy, entertaining and powerful, epic guitar solos, thumping bass and drums and a singer who cuts through all this violence with true heavy metal, high-pitched vocals. What makes them stand apart is their unique, fresh and modern-day approach, both in sound and online presence. Their goal is to passionately blast out traditional heavy metal, giving you music to raise your fists and bang your heads too!
Watch this video:
On Monday the 14th of December Dangerous Times for the Dead will release their latest single “Storm the Castle“,
where they bang out another classic sounding metal track, about knights preparing for battle, a call to power, a metal rebel yell with howling metal screams!
VOCALS : Bjørn Ciggaar
GUITARS : Thijs Bouwman & Dave Pilon
BASSGUITAR : Gerrit Procée (& backing vocals)
DRUMS : Jeroen Vermeer

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