CORNERS OF SANCTUARY – “Metal Never Dies: The Online Barrage of Shows 2020 & Beyond” Tour, Sign with Killsound Productions


Never a dull moment, not a time to lose, always in the need of action, in every means necessary. Corners Of Sanctuary aren’t letting themselves sit back before Christmas and they intend to show their force of Traditional Heavy Metal right until ol’ Santa climbs up the roof top. Therefore, an incoming barrage of Online shows tour, entitled, “Metal Never Dies: The Online Barrage of Shows 2020 & Beyond“, is announced

Mick Michaels, guitarist and leader of Corners Of Sanctuary commented: “For the moment, online streaming events are the way to go… and we welcome the opportunity to be a part of them. It’s like the old saying, whem life hands you lemons make lemonade… and 2020 has been one hellva a lemon for us all.”

Behind the curtain of the “Metal Never Dies: The Online Barrage of Shows 2020 & Beyond” Tour, Corners Of Sanctuary made a step to ensure their future as a live act by signing with the Mexican agency, Killsound Productions Booking & Management

Mick Michaels adds about the signing: “COS recently connected with Killsound Productions, making them part of our booking team. The new partnership will allow us to further our ability to bringing the music to the people. This will definitely be an asset when things begin to balance out and restrictions are lifted…giving bands and artists the opportunity to perform again live.”

Metal Never Dies: The Online Barrage of Shows 2020 & Beyond” Tour Dates:

1.12.2020 – PotPixi RockMetalTalk / Website / Event

5.12.2020 – Metal Heroes Online II / Website / Event

12.12.2020 – Wrecking Ball Metal Fest 2020 / Website / Event

19.12.2020 – Vinyl Closet Records Metal Fest / Website / Event

Recently Corners Of Sanctuary released their 7th album, “Heroes Never Dies”.  “Heroes Never Die” is where the building blocks of Heavy Metal meet, melodies and hard hitting riffs, ol’ US Metal merged with European Metal, Riot meets Judas Priest & Satan, Malice meets Accept & Blitzkrieg and the list goes on and on.

Order “Heroes Never Die” HERE

Order “Heroes Never Die” Merch HERE

Frankie Cross – Vocals
Mad T – Drums
James Pera – Bass & Backing Vocals
Mick Michaels – Guitars & Keyboards







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