FOCAL DYSTONIA and FRIEDHOF MAGAZINE Descend Into Obscurity and reveal the second single from their Comatose Music debut album

With anticipation building for the December 11th release of Focal Dystonia‘s incredible debut album of masterful brutal death metal, the band have decided to launch their second single from Descending (In)Human Flesh. ‘Cognizance Of Obscurity‘ is streaming now at Friedhof Magazine, along with an interview with Focal Dystonia’s Floor Van Kuijk. Read about the array of special guest vocalists that grace the album and pulverize your eardrums with ‘Cognizance Of Obscurity’ right here:

The first track to be revealed from Descending (In)Human Flesh was ‘Pinnacle Of Deranged Euphoria‘ and that is still available to hear at Slam Worldwide:

Pre-orders for Descending (In)Human Flesh are open now at Comatose Music!

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