The Medea Project track their lives and musical development with a journey through their vinyl collections

Over the last few weeks The Medea Project have been working on a series of short videos in which they chart their growth as musicans and people through their record collections, collectively presenting the story of two lives in vinyl. From their earliest memories of music, through their discovery of rock and metal to the sounds that inspired them to pick up instruments and play, becoming part of the South African extreme music scene. These videos give a great insight to the characters that make up The Medea Project; their humour, their taste, their inspirations – everything that makes them tick.

The final part of the video quartet is released on The Medea Project’s YouTube channel today and the band are celebrating the completion of this journey by offering a 15% discount on everything at their bandcamp store – fans simply need to enter the code MEDEA15 at checkout to take advantage of this special offer.


So join The Medea Project for their journey through a life in vinyl and then pick up your copy of new album Sisyphus and the stunning accompanying merch – imagery created by ex-Marduk drummer Fredrik Widigs – at a special discounted price.

Here’s a taster of what the press have had to say about Sisyphus…

“…riffs weighted in gold…” – GAMES, BRAAAINS & A HEADBANGING LIFE

“…something I’m going to be playing many years down the road ” – MAYHEM RADIO

“…broody despondent music which is also gentle and beautiful. .” – AVE NOCTUM

Check out The Medea Project bandcamp store here
For more information on The Medea Project visit The Medea Project on Facebook
(Please note the discount offer is only available until November 30th)


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