Progressive Doom Duo Uncle Woe Is Now Streaming Their Second Album “Phantomescence”

Hailing from the oft frozen hills of rural Canada, Uncle Woe is a phantom limb, shown here wielding some bludgeoning tool against mostly true tales of bittersweet sorrow, revenge, and regret.

The album “Phantomescence” is comprised of four abstract ghost stories, as each track features various dead and ‘phantomescent’ characters. With hopes that listeners find it immersive, the lyrical content is a solid mix of poetry and prose and should be rewarding for people who are interested in the thematic element of an album as well as the sonic side. It’s a fairly warm and intriguing album, composed of a lot of lush passages that unfold over time.

Showing more maturity and contemplation that the first, 100% solo effort, “Phantomescence” was created under less than ideal circumstances during COVID-19. The band shares their thoughts on the album:
“We are more than thrilled with the results, and can’t wait to let it into the light. The growth between the first record, which was essentially a glorified solo-project, and this album, has been highly rewarding, and I think we’ve really honed and solidified the Uncle Woe sound on this release. I know we’ve both poured a lot of ourselves into this album, and it has proven to be a fruitful endeavour!”

Lyrically, the content is more outwardly focused than on the previous record, with some science fiction and several abstract ghost stories seeping into the subject matter. There is a lot of contrast between sparse sections and full walls of sound, beefy doom passages, which grow after multiple listens and the underlying, subtle progressive tendencies really start to come through.

Suitable for anyone fond of doom and progressive metal, Uncle Woe will be especially interesting for fans of Chrome Ghost, Deftones, and Slomatics.

The album “Phantomescence” is due out October 23rd via Packard Black Productions and before it’s officially out, the full stream is available on TheObelisk HERE.

Digital, CD, and vinyl pre-order HERE.

Music Video “Become The Ghost” YouTube.

Track Listing:
1. Become The Ghost (6:29)
2. On Laden Shores (13:30)
3. Lucid Degrees of Autoscopic Ruin (6:45)
4. A Map of Dead Stars (13:14)
Album Length: 40:00

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Rain Fice/Nicholas Wowk
• All songs written by: Rain Fice *Become the Ghost by Fice/Wowk
• Produced by: Rain Fice/Nicholas Wowk
• Mixed by: Rain Fice
• Mastered by: Rain Fice
• Album Artwork by: Rain Fice
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album Recording Band Line Up:
Rain Fice – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Nicholas Wowk – Drums/Percussion

More info:

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