Unidade 731: “they invented a god, they invented all this false history of heaven and hell to cage our minds in their religions”, reveals vocalist Zumba

One of the most striking works and that contrasts the reality suffered by the Brazilian people at the hands of corrupt rulers, were driving forces for the Unit 731 musicians, to write the disc “Programado”, which contrasts the alienation of a nation under the power of a few men who aim only at enriching themselves and maintaining power.

The music that opens the album, “A Ordem”, composed by vocalist Zumba, is the perfect opening for the construction of a conceptual idea where it shows that we are slaves to everything that is imposed by society, be it religion, good, evil and how we should act in the social context.

In a strong statement, Zumba revealed how he wrote the song “A Ordem”: “In this world there is a greater force, I do not say spiritual forces, I mean earthly forces, the owners of the world who organize themselves in codes, secret societies, where secrets of humanity is in their hands and control, they own all the gear that makes the control process spin, they invented a god, they invented all this false history of heaven and hell to cage our minds in their churches, because the greatest form of control it is not handcuffing our physical body, but it is having our “mind”, because having our mind, it will be very difficult to have the intellectual capacity to see the fetters, as Harriet Tubman said ”:

“We are talking about a new modern slavery that controls their way of thinking, acting and speaking, educational books, educational structures all with a euro-centric vision, reaching us on the basis of reasoning imposed by them, that’s why this xenophilia, we don’t even dare to be free, we don’t even know the meaning of being free, the foreigners think for us, we are talking about a century of mental control it is not overnight that this Stockholm syndrome will fall apart ”.

“Even our cells are affected by their chemical process, through food and their pesticides, hybrid foods without the necessary nutrients for our balance, we live in a society that is sick, depressed, aggressive, depraved, in a society nourished by dead foods of course who will have a dead and individualistic mind, and who does all this process, who profits is the top of the pyramid, they poison us by the plate, then we run to their drugstores (pharmacy) the very name speaks DRUG, which does not cure us, remedies, because the cure only comes from nature, from an alkaline diet and we live in an acid environment that the only objective is to spin the money”.

“We really are cattle, they erased all the knowledge of our ancestors, that today we have to study that vegetables, fruits and vegetables are good for us”.

The song can be checked out through the official video that was recently released on the band’s YouTube. Watch:


Unidade 731:
NZumba – Vocal
Curse – Bass/Vocal
Remes – Guitar
Lucas – Drums

More information:
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/unid731
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unid731/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5KCkm92MOSNKl7NM48h-fw


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