Khors (Ukr): “Where the Word Acquires Eternity” – Atmospheric Black Metal – Ashen Dominion

KHORS speak: “Our 7th full-length “Where the Word Acquires Eternity” is a concept album dedicated to the events that took place in our native city of Kharkiv in the 30s of the XX century – the times called Renaissance of Ukrainian culture. By that time, in the end of 1920s, a residential multi-storey house was built by cooperative of writers. Externally the house was built in the shape of the letter С and was named Будинок “Слово” (a House “Word”). In most Slavic languages the word “Слово” means “Word”.
A whole galaxy of Ukrainian writers, playwrights, poets, publicists, actors and public figures lived here until mass repressions against Ukrainian cultural figures began in 1933.
This tragic page of history is known as the “Executed Renaissance”. Almost all the residents of the House “Slovo” were subjected to repression: some were shot, some were exiled, and some committed suicide.
The walls of the writer’s House “Slovo” still preserve the atmosphere of stone cells, which have become “custodies” for their residents.

Track listing:
1. Starvation
2. Blissforsaken
3. Crystals of the Fall
4. The Sea of My Soul
5. …and Life Shall Harvest One’s Past
6. Up the Ladder To a Lance
7. The Mist (Let This Fog Devour a Snow)
8. Beneath the Keen Edge of Time

Sales Points:

  • KHORS is one of the oldest Ukrainian black metal bands. It has 7 full-length albums, as well as several compilations and DVDs.
  • CD contains 8 tracks approx. 50 min total duration.
  • The Digipak is an exclusive 8 panel edition with 12 pages booklet..
  • Previously available “Following the Years Of Blood II” 2CD+DVD Deluxe Digipak. Professionally shot and recorded video and audio from gigs in support of “Wisdom Of Centuries” and “Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours” albums. And also “Beyond The Bestial’ EP with 3 new and 3 re-recorded classic tracks.
  • Product permanently stickered with selling points.

KHORS is one of the most significant bands hailing from Ukraine. Experienced musicians of the Ukrainian underground metal scene created the band in August 2004 in Kharkiv.
The first musicians’ steps were reflected on their debut album “The Flame of Eternity’s Decline” that was released by the Ukrainian label Oriana Music in spring of 2005. The first edition was sold out within a few months. Musically, the band performed mid tempo Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal. Later, along with work on their second album, the band has started its first concert activity.
The second album, “Cold”, was released by Oriana Music at the end of 2006 where the band revealed its more melodic side. The album received many positive reviews and was later released in an exclusive vinyl version.
The third album, “Mysticism”, has become the most meaningful for KHORS. It practically divided the band’s musical pathway into before and after. With the third album the band changed the label to American Paragon Records, and has become better known worldwide. The album gained a lot of positive reviews in hundreds of specialized media of that time. The music disclosed an even more atmospheric and melodic form of Dark Heathen Metal.

The fourth album, “Return To Abandoned”, has lead KHORS to the international level. This album was considered as one of the best albums in the genre, and the band received even greater support and promotion thanks to Paragon Records and an exclusive vinyl edition of the album by the legendary Osmose Productions. At that time the band also has started to appear and perform at the European festivals.

With the fifth record, “Wisdom of Centuries”, the band has signed a contract with world-famous major label Candlelight Records. “Wisdom of Centuries” has become the first band’s album performed on the native tongue.

Released in 2015, the 6th full-length “Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours” is further strengthening the band’s position on the European scene, and is getting limited in a few months.

Currently, KHORS is one of the most known, and one of the most recognizable Ukrainian metal bands outside the country. The band has its arsenal of six full-length albums, DVDs, live albums and EPs, released in various formats on well-known labels of the metal industry.

In 2020, a new, 7th full-length album of the band is being prepared for release, that will mark a new era of KHORS. The band continues to grow and evolve with every new record and every new show.




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