Progressive Metal Band Freaky Jelly unleashed brand new single “Resilience” – Rockshots Records

Hailing from Sao Paolo, Brasil, “Resilience” is the new single following up their debut album “Reverse” (2017) and “When Hope Dies” single (2019)
Band comment “Resilience” talks about how strong we need to be in order to overcome life’s challenges, learn to fall but also learn to rise, find hope and never give up. The curious thing is the lyrics were written in the middle of 2019, long before the pandemic situation happened, but we were unable to compose a song that could join the lyrics. After 2 or 3 song we decided to take the lyrics in stand by. At the beginning of 2020 we finally composed the song and put the lyrics, just when we needed to be resilient to heal the world. It was a work of destiny.”

For Fans Of: Haken, Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation

FREAKY JELLY is a Progressive Metal Band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2013. The band is composed by Ricardo DESTEFANO (vocal), André FAUSTINO (guitar), Júlio VINCE (keyboards), Rafael DE PAULAa (bass), and Maurício GROSS (drums). Among the major influences, are bands like DREAM THEATER, OPETH, HAKEN, RUSH, PAIN SALVATION. “Reverse” is their first album released in April 2017. As in life (which is the great inspiration of the band), the compositions are ruled by the changes of climate – now calm and smooth, sometimes fast and aggressive. The lyrics complete the scenario by combining themes that can portray a beautiful and simple sunny day with deeper and strained reflections. | |



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