Metal icons albums get special edition via Xaninho Discos

The Brazilian label Xaninho Discos announces the release of albums of metal icons. Among the releases, there is the special edition of Napalm Death’s new album, ‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’ in partnership with the Rock Brigade Records, Voice Music and Blackstorm Records. The album has already become one of the major worldwide releases with good reviews from the specialized press, and the Brazilian edition will be on a slipcase CD, with a complete insert containing letters and photos, as well as an exclusive poster (36 x 36 cm) and internal and external stickers and is already on sale HERE.

To celebrate the release, singer Barney Greenway will perform a live tomorrow at 10am (BRA) / 6am (USA) / 2pm (EU), on the Xaninho Discos Youutube Channel.

Xaninho Discos is also launching the new compact 7 ’by the crossover band Manger Cadavre?, entitled “Senhores da Moral”. The label has a large catalog with special editions, including CDs and LPs, as well as working on the 2021 tour of the bands Krisiun (only in Latin America), The Damnnation, NervoChaos, Hatefulmurder, Ação Direta, Baixo Calão, Corazones Muertos, Delinquentes , Funeratus, Grave Desecrator, Manger Cadavre ?, Mutilator, Oitão and Vazio.

Xaninho Discos is a underground label founded by Icaro Lima (Kaká), which is engaged in the Alternative, Rock, Brazilian Metal scene, and acts in various ways since 2008 as a label, whether with tours, shows, festivals, online store and distribution of discs. The label acts strongly in Latin and European territory with small and medium-sized bands.

For more on XANINHO DISCOS visit the oficial SITEINSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

Interview Nata Nachthexen’s Manger Cadavre?






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