GATECLOSER: “From The Wasteland” – Thrash | Alternative | Progressive Metal via Sliptrick Records

GATECLOSER Emerge Triumphant ‘From The Wasteland’

The debut full-length studio album from Gatecloser, From The Wasteland, presents a powerful and melodic thrash metal with a lot of different influences, with each song telling something different through the music and lyrics. It’s a brand new concept based on the inevitable presence of “The Gatecloser” in everyone’s life. He is the personification of time, an impartial supreme judge guarding his own gate, waiting for the right moment to open it and unleash his power.

Every song on the album can be easily distinguished from the others as each track brings the listener to different scenarios and feelings. Creepy intros, unique dominant guitar riffs, powerful, creative and groovy drums, angry, soulful and melodic vocals, expressive imposing bass lines and epic guitar solos lead to a continuous change of the seasons throughout the album. The band composed the music and lyrics as a team, everyone gave their contribution toward the realization of the product and this cooperation is what established the final sound.

From The Wasteland | Released September 22nd, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. From The Wasteland… | 02. The Crow | 03. Bury Him Alive | 04. White Bones | 05. Take My Hand | 06. Will Of The Dark | 07. Blackout | 08. Death Parade | 09. King Of The New Dawn | 10. Black March | 11. …They Will March On

Recorded by: Riccardo Pasini at Studio 73 in Ravenna (RA), Italy
Mixed and mastered by: Paolo Castelluccia in Borgo Panigale (BO), Italy
Produced by: Gatecloser

Gatecloser are:
Stefano Tarroni – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards | Matteo Corbara – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals | Nicola Gavini Fiorentini – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals | Alessandro Cupici – Drums/Percussions/Backing Vocals

Band links: Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick


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