ANGELICA Announces New Solo Album: “ALL I AM” Out November 6, 2020 – First Single and Video “CALLING” Out Now

Best known for being the awesome frontwoman of the cinematic metal band The Murder Of My Sweet, Angelica Rylin is also an accomplished solo artist. After her brilliant debut album, “Thrive,” which was released in 2013, she has finally decided the time is now for a follow-up. “All I Am” will be released on November 6, 2020 via Frontiers Music Srl. The first single and video, ‘Calling’ is out today.


Pre-order/save “All I Am” HERE:

“This is my second solo album, and as with my previous album, “Thrive”, I’ve worked with a great team of songwriters. David Fremberg, Kanata Okajima, and Anders Wrethov, to name a few. As a singer and a lyricist, it’s important for me to connect with the songs I’m recording. And I really think we hit home with this album. It’s very personal and that’s the reason behind the title “All I Am,” says Angelica.

Angelica’s The Murder of My Sweet bandmate and partner in crime, Daniel Flores sit in the producer’s chair for a superb final result, which is reflected in the stunning album, “All I Am”. If you are a fan of the classic sounds of Bryan Adams or more modern rock sounds like Daughtry and Pink, then this album brings forth the elements that delights fans of those artists, while putting Angelica’s own unique stamp on the proceedings.

An absolute classic in the making, if you are a Melodic Rock fan, then you will simply love this record!

1.  Calling
2.  Beat Them All
3.  Addicted To You
4.  I’m Sorry
5.  Time And Space
6.  Don’t Say Goodbye
7.  Still Bleeding
8.  Living On High Hopes
9.  A Pounding Heart
10. Angel
11. Time To Go Home

Angelica Rylin, Lead vocals
Michael Palace, Guitars and bass
Pedro Cecar Camargo, Acoustic guitars and strings production on “Time To Go Home”
Daniel Flores, keyboards, backing vocals and drums

Produced by Daniel Flores




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