AIRFORCE Joins Pitch Black Records – New album out on September 4th

UK old-school rockers AIRFORCE have joined forces with Pitch Black Records for the release of the band’s new album, their second full-length since reforming in 2016. The new AIRFORCE studio album “Strike Hard” is set for release on September 4th 2020 on CD and Digital.

AIRFORCE stem originally from the NWOBHM era back in the 80’s with the band’s style best described as Old School Metal at its best, full of hooks, Riffs and soaring melodies!
The band was originally formed in 1986 by Tony Hatton (bass), Chop Pitman (guitars) and legendary drummer Doug Sampson (ex- Iron Maiden).

The AIRFORCE line-up now includes the extremely talented vocalist Flavio Lino who recently joined the band on a permanent basis. “Strike Hard” features a number of guest appearances, starting with Paul Di’ Anno (ex- Iron Maiden vocalist) and former AIRFORCE vocalist Ivan Giannini (now of Vision Divine).

The CD version of the album features a bonus track which is a cover of “Faith Healer”, a classic Sensational Alex Harvey Band song. This recording includes a guest appearance by the original SAHB guitarist Zal Cleminson.

The song “Die For You” is now available for streaming and free download at where pre-ordering information is also available. A video for the same song will be released on the band’s YouTube channel and followed by a series of other videos in the upcoming months.

Album track-listing:
1. Fight
2. Die for You
3. Son of the Damned
4. The Reaper
5. Finest Hour
6. Don’t Look in Her Eyes
7. I Feel Your Pain
8. War Games
9. Band of Brothers
10. The War Inside
11. Faith Healer (CD bonus)

Flavio Lino – Vocals
Chop Pitman – Guitars
Tony Hatton – Bass
Doug Sampson – Drums

Chop Pitman (guitars) and Tony Hatton (bass) played together in a band called E.L-34. However the band split up in the mid-1980s.
Chop was a very good friend of Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and mentioned to Steve that he was looking for a drummer to form a new band along with Tony Hatton. Steve Harris introduced Chop to former Iron Maiden drummer Doug Sampson.

Steve Harris took Doug Sampson to the studio and Chop Pitman. Steve Harris and Doug Sampson  had a jamming session together. Doug Sampson then decided to join Chop Pitman and Chop’s ex-bandmate Tony Hatton.

 Airforce was Born. The band gigged together for over 11 yrs with various vocalists.
They then decided to go on their separate ways and were involved with other projects – Chop Pitman carried on with the band name Airforce with various musicians.

In 2010 he met up with vocalist Dilian Arnaudov through a friend and asked him to stand in for a gig as Airforce vocalist. After a while Dilian had to return to his native Bulgaria due to family issues but he stayed in touch with Chop.
In 2015 Airforce was contacted by Watchout Records and was asked if the band would supply a track for the “Origins of Iron” cd which featured all ex Iron Maiden members.

Airforce  then released a Compilation album ( “Judgement Day” ) in 2016 which stirred a renewed interest in the band.
Doug Sampson and Tony Hatton came to the launch party of that album and at that point It was collectively decided to get the original band back together. After they auditioned Dilian Arnaudov, the missing piece of the puzzle was found. Dilian and the band wasted no time in writing new material and performing all over the UK and other parts of Europe.

In 2018 Airforce released two E.P.s: “The Black Box Recordings” volumes 1 and 2. Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden singer) was invited to record 1 song (‘Sniper’) for the 2nd EP.
Later that year, Italian singer Ivan Giannini (Derdian, Vision Divine) started helping the band fulfill their live commitments.

In January 2019 Airforce recorded 1 song, Band of Brothers, with Paul Mario Day on vocals. Paul Mario Day was the very first singer of Iron Maiden and also sang with More, Wildfire and Sweet.
Airforce have now been joined by vocalist Flavio Lino on a permanent basis.



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