Cytotoxin: “Nuklearth” – New album from German Death Metallers via Unique Leader

German brutal death metallers CYTOTOXIN have unveiled a new taste of their new LP Nuklearth, set for release on 21st August via Unique Leader Records.
Streaming worldwide now, you can watch the new single ‘Dominus’ here: (US) (Europe)

During the night of April 26th in 1986 a world-changing accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Inspired by this catastrophe and its consequences arise a highly radiated and highly rated German death metal band named CYTOTOXIN.

Forming in 2010, CYTOTOXIN have already pulverized the metal world. Signing to the esteemed Unique Leader Records, their fourth record Nuklearth will be released on 21st August, and follows their previous acclaimed full-length Gammageddon, released 2017.

Touring Gammageddon Europe-wide, CYTOTOXIN have already started adding to their legions of fans and acclaim, and will only continue this with Nuklearth, a brutal and powerful collection of some of the best death metal in the modern era, fully demonstrating the band’s deserved attention and illuminating why they’re regarded as head and shoulders above the rest.

FFO: Archspire, Decrepit Birth, Aborted

Grimo (Vocals), V.T. (Bass), Fonzo (Guitar), Jason (Guitar), Stocki (Drums)

1. Atomb
2. Lupus Aurora
3. Uran Breath
4. Dominus
5. Drown in Havoc
6. Soul Harvester
7. Coast of Lies
8. Quarantine Fortress
9. Dead Zone Anthem
10. Nuklearth
11. Mors Temporis

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