Psychoid (Fra) present: “Thrash Impact” – upcoming re-issue with a new mix of their first album

Thrash Impact (re-issue with a new mix)
August 28th, 2020

Psychoïd is a Thrash Metal band where they distills Thrash, hard-line, old school with a touch and a modern cadence. Psychoïd causes torrents and destruction of rooms.

Psychoïd, originally from Paris, was created in 2006 with a first line up whose band was noticed in the region which allowed them to share the stage with some national bands.
The change of line up paused but in 2015 Psychoïd came back with a new line up and their first EP “Thrash Test”.

The French media welcomed “Thrash Test”. Psychoïd defended the EP on stages and rebounded with their first album “Thrash Impact” which was recorded at Track Down Music, the recording studio of Music-Records. The album was released in April 2018. The album was very well received, welcomed by the French and European press, whose February issue of Rock Hard magazine placed the band as “discovery of the month”.

From there, Psychoïd fiercely promoted this new album on stage.
In 2020, Music-Records reissues the album “Thrash Impact” with new mixing and mastering, pending the new album.



Psychoïd are:
Lead vocals and guitar: Thomas
Drums: Amaury
Bass: Rémi
Guitar: Kiko


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